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Riley Allen Law

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Job title: Litigation Paralegal
Job location: Orlando, FL 32810 United States
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Date posted: 11/16/12
Job type: Full-Time

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Job Category:Paralegal/Legal Assistant

Job Description

Job description:
Well-Known & Respected Orlando Boutique “David & Goliath” Trial Firm Seeks Experienced, Compassionate & Dedicated Litigation Paralegal

"It takes a carpenter to build a barn, but any jackass can knock it down." Sam Rayburn, former Speaker of the US House of Representatives. We are a small trial firm of “carpenters,” who have to build cases against the Goliaths we take on every day. I tell insurance company and corporate defense litigators that “respectfully” I can stand on my head with my eyes closed and do what they do because they do not have to build anything; they simply try to knock down or poke holes in what others are building. And, trust me, that is far easier. Please go to to glean from there how we think and work. The work is not easy; it requires caring and effort at a level that most don’t want to put forth, guaranteed. It requires taking the job personally so if you are a “clock puncher” this job is not for you. We have been, for example, in trial since September 24th. We started a trial that was mistried after 6 trial days because of the misconduct of the defense lawyers, an all too common occurrence these days that is rarely sanctioned at the level it should be, but conduct which we do not tolerate. We started again on October 22nd and were in trial for 2 weeks until a multimillion dollar verdict was handed down that hopefully taught the unethical liars, including the lawyers, on the other side a lesson. Trials like this are won because of the effort put in up front and well before trial, particularly, when dealing with lawyers and parties on the other side who could care less about the truth or the Rules of Professional Conduct. These lawyers and parties make the work more difficult, but it is work that is necessary to achieve justice and not allow the liars and cheaters to succeed. It is hard work, but there is very little in life more rewarding than seeing justice prevail. I like to refer to 1 Samuel 17:40. “David reached into the creek and pulled out five smooth stones and put them in his shepherd’s bag.” He went hunting for Goliath; he did not sit back and wait on Goliath to come to him. That is what we do. David also was prepared because he had stones in reserve as Goliath had brothers. This verse best epitomizes how we think and approach each case we have; we have to. If you believe you have the necessary experience, work ethic, compassion, drive, and passion, I would love to speak with you. We make no promises that it is easy, but it is some of the most rewarding work imaginable.

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